Also conservative rectors shuddered: why Sydney Archbishop’s words harm

Also conservative rectors shuddered: why Sydney Archbishop’s words harm

Julia Baird

It’s been clear for quite a while given that Sydney Anglicans have grave general public image problem. The public for not understanding nuance, those in the pews for not blindly accepting what they are told it’s one the leaders usually blame on others – the media for“spin.

An ideal exemplory instance of this is supplied this week whenever Archbishop Reverend Dr Glenn Davies, produced startling, unprecedented call for all when you look at the church who want to alter doctrine on same-sex wedding to go out of the church.

Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies. Credit: Maree Williams

It had been in an area of his synod speech about bishops, and then he has since explained he would not suggest everyone else whom supported marriage that is same-sex go out associated with the church, simply the “guardians of this faith”, nevertheless the damage had been done. Læs resten