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By the end of December 2016. 11 people were exhumed. After two months of break, in March 2017. She started the next stage of the exhumation. From March to the end of June, 22 people were exhumed. After two months of break, in September, October, November and December last year, 24 bodies were exhumed. In 2018.

26 exhumations took place – the first this year in the PK conducted on January 16 and the last – on the night of 16 on May 17. The prosecutor’s office did not disclose further information regarding the results of the exhumation. PK recently reported that so far 69 human remains were found, coming from 26 people in the coffins of victims of other disasters; Two bodies have been swapped. Irregularities – as has been reported previously – it was found among President Kaczynski in a coffin. (PAP) Hungary showed that immigration can be stopped. First it was said that this is impossible, but Hungary proved that it can be done both in law and in fact – Orban said at a joint press conference with Salvinim. “Our policy is that, to bring aid where they are in trouble, and not bring trouble to Europe” – said the head of government. Orban added that Deputy Salvini “is popular in Hungary, because it shows that people can be detained in the middle of the sea.” “From its success depends on the security of Europe. His courage awakens our respect.

We want to withdraw and not to defend us, to defend Europe’s borders” – rating Orban. He assured: “In this regard, we are ready to give him a Læs resten