There’s One Post-Sex Problem That No One Ever Talks About

There’s One Post-Sex Problem That No One Ever Talks About

My boyfriend and I also have a? ritual after we now have intercourse. Appropriate toward the bathroom closet (or the laundry bag) to retrieve one that I then? use to wipe myself down after he finishes, he gets up while I start screaming for a towel, urging him. In cases where a towel just isn’t handy, We’ll achieve between my feet and reveal the fruits gleefully of their work to him. ” just what’s it oooooh that is ??”” we’ll state, wide-eyed, like a magician plucking 25 % from a youngster’s ear at their birthday celebration. I believe it is hilarious. He thinks it is repulsive.

This ritual happens to be taking place for decades, provided that we have been having regular, condom-free intercourse. Læs resten