BOTH of my eGo-T’s are no longer working – flashing 3 times and 20 times

BOTH of my eGo-T’s are no longer working – flashing 3 times and 20 times

We have two eGo-T’s that are defective.

Back at my very first eGo-T the difficulty takes place when we place a cartridge regarding the battery pack (which will be completely charged). Once I screw within the cartridge, extremely gradually and carefully, and hold the button down to just just take a winner it flashes three times then stops, fundamentally maybe perhaps not enabling us to just take a winner.

This battery flashes about 20 times on my second eGo-T which is BRAND NEW (literally bought it yesterday and has never been used, also fully charged) when I apply a cartridge to the battery and hold the button down in an attempt to take a hit instead of flashing 3 times likes my other eGo-T.

This will be irritating me a complete great deal, please advise about what i will do.

EDIT – I attempted everything i have read online.

Purchase new battery – done

Recharging it fully – done

Messing aided by the pin thing inside battery pack – done

Messing with all the pin thing inside the charger – done

Tapping the battery pack on a surface that is hard an endeavor to realign pin – done

Pushed the battery pack switch 5 times to show it off and on – done

If I am able to keep in mind properly, the 3 or 20 flashes on Ego batteries either suggest no atomiser or perhaps a circuit that is short. So that it appears like there is no connection involving the atomiser (cartridge) in addition to battery pack it self. Læs resten