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If you find that your shots slice offline no matter how good your impact is, there are still options for forgiving drivers. I do have to recommend finding a PGA teaching professional to work on your swing to correct the slice, but in the meantime, you can look into an offset driver. Varying face thickness can help optimize the springiness of the clubface so mis-hits will still compress and shoot off the clubface with good distance. The rules of golf limit the “coefficient of restitution” of the clubface , but manufacturers are still finding ways to provide that maximum allowed CoR across the whole clubface instead of just in the sweet spot.

Despite being designed as a long distance ball, theTitleist Velocityalso performs extremely well when used for short distances; it provides fairly good feedback with various clubs, and isn’t too hard for putting. However, it takes a little bit ofpractice to get used to this ballfor low distances, as it tends to roll much more, meaning you need less power for each shot. Not only that, you can also reach free download great speeds with this ball, which help to drive your ball even further. This is done with the help of the ball’s 328 spherically-tiled dimples, which helps to reduce the balls drag while in the air, allowing high flight and long carry.

Callaway’s dimple pattern on theWarbirdalso provides more distance off your shots, as it results in reduced drag, increasing speeds for larger distances. Averagegolfers have seen significant increases in distancewith these, making this ball one of the best performing balls in this price range.

They do this with patriotic-like passion to allow you to add precious extra yards to your long game and help you win this week’s game ofBingo Bango Bongo. You’ll probably want to find a driver that corrects for both distance and direction. You’d also want to look for high launch and low center of gravity to create extra backspin. It might cost you a few yards of distance but playing more consistently from the fairway will more than make up for any distance lost.

While soft may be great for some, this does hinder the its durability. This means that you may be headed to the store more often than you like to buy new one, which can be bad when saving up for green’s fees or somehigh-end golf gadgets. However, at the same time you get one of the longest golf ballsoff the tee, without making too many sacrifices. This ball leans toward asofter feel, allowing the golfer to haveincreased control.

Claimed to have "the fastest solid core" of anygolf ball,this 2-layer ball allows great speed which results in an increased distance. With this core, initial velocity is increased allowing for better distance, while keeping short-game playable. Regardless of what club you use, tests have shown that you might notice up to a 10% increase in distance, which is great for shaving strokes off your game. The topgolf ballproducers of the world are in constant fierce competition to provide the longest golf balls on the market. Top engineers and physicists spend long hours in rooms with little ventilation and fluorescent lighting obsessing over things likegolf ballpolymer mantle materials, dimple patterns, and spherical hard coats.

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Best of all, it can reach great distances due to the penetrating trajectory. Much like the Titleist Velocity, due to the ball’s spin, somebeginner golfersmay have issues with their short game. Also, while the core of the ball is soft, the outside shell is hard, which may not provide the right feel for some golfers.

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