Getting and contraception that is using. Contraception is designed to avoid maternity

Getting and contraception that is using. Contraception is designed to avoid maternity

What exactly is contraception?

A lady will get pregnant if a person’s semen reaches certainly one of her eggs (ova).

Contraception tries to stop this taking place by continuing to keep the egg and sperm aside, or by stopping egg manufacturing, or by stopping the combined sperm and egg (fertilised egg) attaching into the liner regarding the womb.

Contraception is free for many people in britain. With 15 techniques to pick from, you will find the one that you prefer well.

Barrier methods such as for example condoms are a kind of contraception which help to sexually protect against sent infections (STIs) and pregnancy. You should use condoms to safeguard both your health that is sexual and of one’s partner, it doesn’t matter what one other contraception you are utilizing to avoid maternity.

The 15 ways of contraception

Avoid being defer in the event that type that is first usage isn’t quite right – you can look at another. Find out about the various ways of contraception:

There’s two permanent types of contraception:

Where you’ll get contraception

Contraceptive solutions are free and confidential. This can include solutions for folks under 16, provided that they are mature adequate to comprehend the information and choices included – you will find strict guidelines for healthcare experts who utilize individuals under 16. Læs resten