Could it be okay my gf closest friend has slept along with her?

Could it be okay my gf closest friend has slept along with her?

I’ve been with my gf for 9 months so we you live together but unfortunately there was this issue we now have that I utilized to put away from my brain and take to and just forget about but personally i think that i’m perhaps not also certain that We have a point or am within the right thus I thought I would personally ask since it is on my head a great deal flirtymania. She has been known by me for around 9 months but her girl closest friend has understood her for some more, perhaps 13 or more. I consequently found out before we met and are now best friends; my girlfriend is bi and her friend is gay and in a relationship with another girl but used to really fancy my girlfriend that they slept together. I ought to additionally point out that in my experience her closest friend is rude and obnoxious and a negative impact on her behalf and my girlfriend functions like her when they’re together (they actually behave love young ones), but that’s just my estimation. Læs resten