How exactly to Write a Research Paper. Improve Skills that is writing with Mapping

How exactly to Write a Research Paper. Improve Skills that is writing with Mapping

When conducting research to complete written assignments, students have a tendency to find their information non-sequentially. It really is when attempting to organize and present their material in a logical order that many falter.

MatchWare’s MindView is a Writing Skills software program that allows students to use Mind Mapping techniques to brainstorm and visualize their ideas, organize their information sequentially, export their Mind Maps to Word to create effective linear outlines, and employ those outlines to create clear, articulate texts.

Key Features

    Visualize > Make notes or attach files to elaborate on indiv > Cite sources using hyperlinks One click export to Word to generate outlines Templates for export to Word, including MLA and APA

Brainstorm and Visualize ideas and relationships

MindView is an invaluable writing skills software tool that enables students to plan their research, brainstorm their ideas, and visualize their information in 5 interchangeable views: Mind Map, top-down, left/right, outline and timeline.

Organize Research Using Branches, Colors and Connectors

By displaying their information graphically, MindView’s writing skills software functions enable students to determine when organizing quickly topics which ideas require illustration or elaboration. MindView helps users to visualize relationships using branches that are main sub branches, colors and branch connections. Since research is typically done in a method that is non-sequential users can group like topics because they run into them.

Using colors and branch connections assists users to overview related topics and helps with memory retention and recall. Læs resten