Crown Resorts Exec Rumored to Have Been Collecting Debts When Arrested

Crown Resorts Exec Rumored to Have Been Collecting Debts When Arrested

Crown Resorts executive Jason O’Connor is rumored to possess experienced Asia fall that is last collect on VIP gambling debts incurred by patrons who participated in the Australian gaming organization’s junket schemes.

Billionaire James Packer announced this week that Crown Resorts will purchase $380 million in outstanding shares. Meanwhile, his executive responsible for VIP operations continues to be behind bars in China.

That is based on a report that is new ‘Four Corners,’ a journalism television series that airs in Australia. The system chatted to experts on Macau gambling having said that they believe O’Connor was sent by Crown to negotiate money owed to the company by wealthy Chinese residents.

Andrew Scott, the CEO of Asian Gambling mag, said, ‘It’s widely being said he was there to gather a relative type of credit. You don’t send an executive that is senior there’s an actual reason for him to be there.’

O’Connor headed Crown Resorts’ VIP system, and was in charge of bringing high rollers from parts of asia to Australia.

It’s illegal for international properties to market gambling services to citizens that are chinese. The nation warned organizations like Crown it will be cracking down on VIP touring operations, but the notice apparently fell on deaf ears Down Under. O’Connor happens to be in custody since October on vague ‘gambling crimes’ charges. He’s being held in a Shanghai prison while Chinese Læs resten