Exactly about Latino Attitudes About Women and Society

Exactly about Latino Attitudes About Women and Society

The guts for United states Progress, along with A Woman’s Nation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and TIME mag, carried out a landmark research in the summertime of 2009 into public attitudes about females, culture, and also the workplace. Women can be approaching the milestone that is historic of 1 / 2 of the workforce, plus the research desired to find out just exactly just how People in the us felt about a selection of alterations in the type of contemporary family members life and work.

The analysis discovered striking persistence in males and women’s attitudes about numerous formerly contentious problems of sex relations while the working status of females. The study general discovered strong majorities of males and females agreeing that the increase of females when you look at the workforce is a good development for society—a belief that crossed partisan, ideological, racial and cultural, as well as generational lines.

The survey of 3,413 adults, carried out by Abt SRBI, included an oversample of Latinos, enabling us to plunge significantly much much deeper in to the opinions of the essential and growing team, and also to compare those of the population to their attitudes at big. Læs resten