Why so women that are many unexpectedly leaving OKCup >

Why so women that are many unexpectedly leaving OKCup >

By Jeanette Settembre, Moneyish

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OKCupid desires visitors to get real about finding love.

The dating site announced it will probably not any longer enable playful and wacky usernames like “AFunnySassyGirl,” “Superlonelyman” or “DoritoprincessXo” to be utilized on its web site, alternatively needing customers to use genuine names.

“Ahead of this brand new 12 months, we’re eliminating OKCupid usernames. It is starting with a test group and certainly will soon be rolled down to everybody else on OKCupid, so all users will need to update their pages in what they desire their dates to phone them,” a current blog post through the site look over.

OkCupid warrants this new guidelines merely with: “it’s time and energy to keep pace because of the times,” adding: “We want you, BigDaddyFlash916, to put into practice who you really are rather than be concealed beneath another layer of mystique. Even though that mystique is a must to you personally along with your dating life, unicorn__jizz.” OKC additionally recommended that people whom utilize their particular title are able to link better with somebody compared to those that have a cool made-up username. The site that is dating not straight away get back a request remark from Moneyish.

Some users critiqued the latest policy as a breach of privacy, making it simpler for anybody to focus on them off the platform that is dating.

“The change is pretty upsetting for me, although it presently just calls for very first title. I live in into Google, you can find out pretty much everything about me if you type just my first name and the city. Anybody on OKCupid can track me personally down from my profile alone,” says Ontario, Canada-based individual Erinn Atwater, 29, that has been active from the dating internet site for quite a while. “I’ve had issues with stalkers finding me personally from the internet prior to, so I’m considering deactivating my account that is OKCupid for reasons.”

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