We just came across about this past year but we became very close friends really quickly

We just came across about this past year but we became very close friends really quickly

I will be deeply in love with my closest friend.

We frequently joke about how precisely our company is virtually the person that is same although our company is both conscious of our specific distinctions. We compliment one another quite nicely. Sometimes she understands me better than i actually do, and I also feel just like i possibly could state equivalent about her. Whenever I have always been with her, perthereforenally i think so free and comfortable, there isn’t another individual like this. Plenty of our friends that are mutual when we had been dating. Often we act like we’re a couple of.

But here is the one thing. We identify as gay, and she does not. Neither of us have actually ever been with anyone- women or men. I possibly could observe how i may be drawn to a guy at one point, but i have never expected my buddy because I didn’t want her to get awkward finding out I’m attracted to her if she could be attracted to a woman.

I have made a decision to perhaps not state any such thing, because i did not like to risk the relationship. Often i believe she actually is attracted to me personally, too, but I do not understand for certain. But tonight she produced guide about how exactly we could end up like intimate partners in movies, therefore now i can not stop thinking. Læs resten